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Hailing from the vibrant streets of Chicago's South Side, Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael isn't your average filmmaker. Armed with a bold vision and a passion for character-driven narratives, Eliyannah weaves tapestries of drama, fantasy, and history, leaving audiences breathless and begging for more. With a seasoned eye honed under the tutelage of directors like Julie Taymor, Danny Strong, and Sanaa Hamri, Eliyannah has already carved her own path. From crafting ‘Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis’, a 12-episode web series, to helming four short films and a sharply comedic ensemble feature, Eliyannah's versatility knows no bounds. But her distinct style, a potent blend of dramatic intensity and literary depth, truly sets Eliyannah apart. Deep dives into the human psyche, explorations of epic tales, and a keen interest in the fantastical fuel Eliyannah's creative fire. Eliyannah's true magic, however, lies in the director's ability to connect with actors. A natural collaborator, Eliyannah draws out the best in every performer, crafting nuanced portrayals that resonate deep within the audience. She was recently accepted into the 2023-2024 CIX:Lab feature lab where she will develop her new film, The Caterpillar & The Butterfly, alongside Chicago International Film Festival staff and mentors.

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